@Breathe With Me and enjoy my poem “Masters of Love” (because that is who you really are)

On this day of celebrating Freedom, and ANY day, I invite you to BREATHE WITH ME!

This technique is offered in different variations from ancient yogis and Qi Gong masters for thousands of years. I have simplified it and created a method that anyone can practice.

Getting Grounded, Connected and Open does not require giving up your first-born or joining a cult! It is so easy! It will take practice and attention, that’s it! Start simply… 3 breaths! You can do that!

I will explain in a future post why the magnetic/electric connection is so vital, but for now, just try it.

Notice where you are in your body/mind/spirit. Notice your breath right now. Is the flow of your breathing stiff or is it stuck somewhere? Are you anxious, calm, bouncing off the walls in boredom, wanting to pounce on your meditation or workout routine, but have lost your inner Tigger??! Just notice if you can even feel your feet on the ground. Notice if your body is collapsing or extending through the crown of your head. These awarenesses are a great way to begin. Watch this video and Breathe With Me. Notice how after only 3 of these Grounding and Connecting and Opening breaths, you feel differently; more aware, more relaxed, more focused and plugged in, tuned-up, turned on! Our most precious teacher is our breath. She is our living connection to the Source!

Let me hear from you! Practice this throughout the day. Just 3 Breathe With Me breaths here and there, and you will definitely notice the blessing! And you can give it to yourself, anytime, anywhere! How cool is that!



This is a video shot from our balcony at the Katakies Hotel in Santorini.  The quality of the video is a bit lacking, but it still reminds me of a magical journey.

Radar Jane-World Citizen, is a character I created who brings back art, music and natural healing from different cultures around the planet.

I hope you enjoy this poem and video, as much as I did finding it in the archives of my computer.  I had actually forgotten it existed.  And yes, I am actually overlooking the mythical sunken location of what Plato deemed to be Atlantis.

This poem wrote itself, while I meditated on the majesty of this location. Ahhh, it is such a beautiful place!

Thank you for stopping by.



Hurricane Matthew from Melbourne, Florida, evacuation zone!

It has been a crazy busy hectic whacked-out adventure that I would not wish on ANYONE!  However, if you are going to be on a ship that is about to hit the fan, you definitely need your family and friends around you.  It is the combined effort of everyone that makes this crazy-train work!  My friend Leah, came into town to defend her doctoral dissertation tomorrow at Florida Tech.  (HA)  Little did she know she would be working her doctorate ass off putting up shutters and helping to weatherproof not only our apartment, but our friend, Shannon’s.  Shannon and her husband are living in Africa and obviously not able to take care of their own brand new apartment being so far away, so we embarked on an adventure of installing razor-sharp hurricane shutters! (something neither one of us had ever done before! GIRLPOWER, baby!)  Unknown obstacles and hardware shortages combined to make an hour’s worth of work into an all-day sweat session.  Keeping a positive attitude and staying peaceful is not only a challenge, but a practice with every breath. My roommate and drummer of our band Robin and Eddy and The Secrets came home from work and helped us finish up the rest!  Our film Fest this weekend had to be postponed. Actually, LIFE as usual has been postponed.  And this uncharted

So, now we are officially ‘hunkered’ down at my dad and brother’s law office.  Right now, we still have power and AC… thank goddess!

It is supposed to get bad according to the news, which I have only looked at briefly.  If you get freaked out watching it, it’s best to just turn it off and play dirty Pictionary!

I wanted to share my poem with you all.  I wrote it during our last evacuation 12 years ago.  Leaving my piano, my grandfather’s art work, Jean-Pierre’s artwork, and everything else, not knowing what we might return to, is such a test of faith and Love.

With texts, prayers and Facebook messages from friends and family all over the globe, I feel blessed and protected.  Thank you for continuing those positive prayers.

We have a lovely window view but may be trading it in for a more western interior room as the night presses on!

We still have power at 9pm!   We are rocking and rolling although we’re too tired to play our instruments and sing.

Thank you all for paying attention to your brothers and sisters who are ‘riding the storm out!’

Love and Light,




It is a time of Transformation!

Butterfly, by Robin Krasny  A poem for you….just click!

There’s no doubt in my mind that humanity is going through an epic transformational journey!

I feel it in my bones, my blood, my calling!  There is no doubt that if Fear gets the best of you, it can debilitate you, control you and discourage you from feeling the kindness you may normally demonstrate toward yourself and others.  You may want to escape, check-out, disappear. You may also want to act-out, get angry, and be, generally, WAY pissed-off!

These are reactions to a ‘reality’ that has been highly glamourized, as of late.  Would you EVER watch a TV show that only reports good news?  Would you REALLY?!  Would it become boring to you, and would you seek the adrenaline rush of created drama and staged delusional behavior?  Would you be more likely to believe in a negative spin of an event or a person vs. a positive or uplifting thought?!  If, by any chance, you find yourself caught up in the ping-pong of another’s attempts to share their fear-based conclusions with you, and why you SHOULD also feel as they do……remember this….

Perception of reality, IS, in a sense, reality!  What we allow into our field of awareness is the movie we will watch and pay for, the characters and drama, the conflict, the Jerry Springer moments…..

Everyone’s perception, is also, their perception. Based on a whole littany of beliefs and experiences that have shaped our lives, truth becomes what people think and feel and share and pass on.  From bigotry to altruism, we owe it to ourselves and our world,  (kiddies included), to honestly discern what has been passed on to us, what we’ve taken on as our own, and what is truly a choice from our greater awareness.

In order to hear the deepest calling, life beckons inward; where time and self-realization work the magic of unfurling wings and truer things; where the Universe reminds us of our connection to the heartbeat of the Earth; where we remember who we really are.  LOVE!

Peace !  Peace !  Peace!



‘MASTERS OF LOVE’, There’s No Time Like Now

Sweet, Sentient Souls! 

All of you are Masters of Love!!!

A History of  MASTERS OF LOVE ©1992 by Robin Krasny

This life-changing poem wrote through me in five minutes one night in 1992.           My hand didn’t stop writing until this message was complete!

I was directed to share it with the world, when it was ‘time’.  


After watching the “We Are Orlando” powerful prayer, peace and Love vigil tonight 6/13/16, I feel the world’s collective heart has been broken open, thoroughly enough, to finally embrace this message:  

“You are a Master of Love!”

Masters of Love is a sacred prayer, and I pray you will remember to read and embody it, awakening and realizing, without doubt, who you REALLY Are!!!!

I’m sending you this blessing from my heart!  I SEE YOU!  I FEEL YOU!  I KNOW YOU!  Thank You for Your Loving Being, and for Being that Love, Right here, Right now!  I ask that Grace and Comfort neutralize the shock and soothe all bodies, minds, hearts and souls of ‘we who mourn.’ And as we grieve unbearable loss together, may it become more bearable by our choice to continue to Love, regardless!

(Click on the Link just Below to open the poem)


My Life’s purpose IS the message in this poem!

I came to this beautiful planet to create harmony, health, connection, peace, hope, Love, cooperation, inspiration and happiness.  This purpose has stirred my soul since before I was born.

I set this poem/prayer to music in 1999 for our first  ROBIN AND EDDY CD entitled   “MASTERS OF LOVE.”    (www.robinandeddy.com)

This powerful gift of Love is for YOU and those you Love, with Love, RIGHT NOW, because it is absolutely TIME for Love to reign supreme!

As people wake up to the realization of ‘the Love that We Are’, magic happens, miracles are commonplace, and Life becomes Heaven on Earth.  In my visions and dreams, I have seen this as reality!!!!

 Write, pray, sing, dance and breathe it!

Read this everyday, morning and night as an affirmation of who you are! The written version is placed in a magnificent sunset picture I took in Marina del Ray.  Print it out. It is a beautiful reminder, framed in an office or on an altar. I encourage you to read it out loud to yourself whenever ‘the cloud of doubt’ creeps its fear-based chatter in your head!  It will squash that annoying pest immediately!

The best way to spread this Love is to share it!  And I do encourage you to share my copyrighted creative work.  You have my blessing to share it if you know anyone who could benefit from it.  If you decide to publish it in any other work, I would be grateful if you would contact me first.

Eddy Fischer and I are soon to be releasing our new song called, “THERE’S NO TIME LIKE NOW!”  It’s an anthem for this new world of Love that we are birthing, and it’s COMING SOON!  (www.robinandeddy.com)

My children’s story,  a CD of my transformational music and poetry are in creation, as well as a calendar for this new world.

In the meantime, I’ll be on Periscope with many adventures, teachings and musical performances as Robin Krasny.  Check out our website http://www.robinandeddy.com and see some of our music videos. Follow me on Twitter and Facebook and Instagram as Robin Krasny, and I’ll be blogging on www.robinkrasny.com as Singing Spirit’s Wisdom.

In between teaching yoga, Qi Gong, energy cleansing, dance, voice, integration and performance coaching, playing, performing, doing massage and healing, transition counseling, creating and momming, and taking classes with Dr. Jean Houston, I love to play clarinet with my mom in the Melbourne Municipal Band (where we are also on the Board Of Trustees), to swim with my dad, meditate, laugh with my Goddaughter, play the piano and sing, write new music with Eddy Fischer and play flute with my rock band, Robin and Eddy and the Secrets. I also love to be with my friends and family, and sleep!!!!

PS.  This is the first blog I’ve created to pass Masters of Love on to all.    Donations will always be lovingly appreciated, but not necessary to receive this loving prayer. If you feel so moved, you may download a free app called VENMO, where you can easily support the healing arts at Robin Krasny http://venmo.com/i/Robin-Krasny , and sign up!  It’s really a cool application.

With Heartfelt Love and Respect for those beautiful souls who crossed the Rainbow Bridge to herald in a ‘New Time’!

Robin Krasny

Singing Spirit’s Wisdom

Retrograde! Blue Moon! Re-visiting the past! A Poem for you!

While contemplating the power of this full blue moon, (the second full moon of the month),  with five planets retrograde at this time, I was reminded of the significance of our opportunities to let go of the past.

This doesn’t mean a crash of your internal hard drive, wiping out your entire memory and experience of the past! Rather, the opportunity here is to release any emotional baggage we’ve been dragging with us that no longer serves the life we are designing consciously for ourselves.  This may relate to past relationships that caused us to believe a certain way because of the dynamics of who we and our partners or perpetrators were at that time.  It is a perfect opportunity to finalize the lessons those persons, who I dare to say, were our greatest teachers, (grandest heartbreaks, deepest loves, biggest pains in the asses, etc) have brought into our lives.

The most precious gifts of truly letting go are the freedom of the heart, the restoring of one’s faith, the clarity of purpose,  the gratitude for those lessons, (and for those beings we may have held energetic hostage ‘inadvertantly’ with our expectations and our refusal to forgive and/or release possible grudges and judgements.)

Letting go is not about condoning a person’s horrific acts, or cruel behaviour.  It is about releasing your own pain and stress, victimization and heartbreak, through the final DUMP and acceptance of Reality, as it is.

Moving forward with a lighter load will not only be met with a twinkle in your eye, but a smile from within and a greater sense of ease in the body.

While you look up at the moon, take a deep breath, ground your feet upon the earth and lift your head high as you relax your body and ask that any past burdens and pain be allowed to move out of your mind, body, spirit and emotions.  Remember that the moon represents our emotional nature, so don’t be freaked out if tears come when you exhale and release.  Know that emotion….energy in motion, is better out than stuck within, I always say!  Give thanks for your new lease on life!

We are assisting the entire planet when we do this kind of inner release.  So, have at it, and let me know how it goes for you!

Here is a poem I wrote in 2007 for a similar occasion.  Hope you enjoy!


Copyright, July 4, 2007

By Robin Krasny

A bunch of planets retrograde;

Six of them at least,

Are calling forth the letting go;

Old things to be released.

Relationships and vows once made

Are up for redefining.

Karmic wheels are spinning fast.

There’ll be no mass denying.

All of us on planet Earth

Are going through the change,

Of letting go and healing, now,

As our psyches rearrange,

To accommodate more self-respect.

More aptitude and learning,

A greater sense of Brotherhood,

And the fulfillment of our yearning:

To be one with Love and filled with love,

And know the Truth of who we are;

Rest our minds and heal ourselves

From Fear’s own bitter scar.

Yes, forgive ourselves for what we thought,

And what we thought we knew.

Allowing Peace and Grace and Love 

To do what It can do.  

And lift our hearts and minds, as One,

To a new Reality,

Where rest assured, our hope’s secured,

In our Faith and in our Unity!