@Breathe With Me and enjoy my poem “Masters of Love” (because that is who you really are)

On this day of celebrating Freedom, and ANY day, I invite you to BREATHE WITH ME!

This technique is offered in different variations from ancient yogis and Qi Gong masters for thousands of years. I have simplified it and created a method that anyone can practice.

Getting Grounded, Connected and Open does not require giving up your first-born or joining a cult! It is so easy! It will take practice and attention, that’s it! Start simply… 3 breaths! You can do that!

I will explain in a future post why the magnetic/electric connection is so vital, but for now, just try it.

Notice where you are in your body/mind/spirit. Notice your breath right now. Is the flow of your breathing stiff or is it stuck somewhere? Are you anxious, calm, bouncing off the walls in boredom, wanting to pounce on your meditation or workout routine, but have lost your inner Tigger??! Just notice if you can even feel your feet on the ground. Notice if your body is collapsing or extending through the crown of your head. These awarenesses are a great way to begin. Watch this video and Breathe With Me. Notice how after only 3 of these Grounding and Connecting and Opening breaths, you feel differently; more aware, more relaxed, more focused and plugged in, tuned-up, turned on! Our most precious teacher is our breath. She is our living connection to the Source!

Let me hear from you! Practice this throughout the day. Just 3 Breathe With Me breaths here and there, and you will definitely notice the blessing! And you can give it to yourself, anytime, anywhere! How cool is that!

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