It is a time of Transformation!

Butterfly, by Robin Krasny  A poem for you….just click!

There’s no doubt in my mind that humanity is going through an epic transformational journey!

I feel it in my bones, my blood, my calling!  There is no doubt that if Fear gets the best of you, it can debilitate you, control you and discourage you from feeling the kindness you may normally demonstrate toward yourself and others.  You may want to escape, check-out, disappear. You may also want to act-out, get angry, and be, generally, WAY pissed-off!

These are reactions to a ‘reality’ that has been highly glamourized, as of late.  Would you EVER watch a TV show that only reports good news?  Would you REALLY?!  Would it become boring to you, and would you seek the adrenaline rush of created drama and staged delusional behavior?  Would you be more likely to believe in a negative spin of an event or a person vs. a positive or uplifting thought?!  If, by any chance, you find yourself caught up in the ping-pong of another’s attempts to share their fear-based conclusions with you, and why you SHOULD also feel as they do……remember this….

Perception of reality, IS, in a sense, reality!  What we allow into our field of awareness is the movie we will watch and pay for, the characters and drama, the conflict, the Jerry Springer moments…..

Everyone’s perception, is also, their perception. Based on a whole littany of beliefs and experiences that have shaped our lives, truth becomes what people think and feel and share and pass on.  From bigotry to altruism, we owe it to ourselves and our world,  (kiddies included), to honestly discern what has been passed on to us, what we’ve taken on as our own, and what is truly a choice from our greater awareness.

In order to hear the deepest calling, life beckons inward; where time and self-realization work the magic of unfurling wings and truer things; where the Universe reminds us of our connection to the heartbeat of the Earth; where we remember who we really are.  LOVE!

Peace !  Peace !  Peace!



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