Hurricane Matthew from Melbourne, Florida, evacuation zone!

It has been a crazy busy hectic whacked-out adventure that I would not wish on ANYONE!  However, if you are going to be on a ship that is about to hit the fan, you definitely need your family and friends around you.  It is the combined effort of everyone that makes this crazy-train work!  My friend Leah, came into town to defend her doctoral dissertation tomorrow at Florida Tech.  (HA)  Little did she know she would be working her doctorate ass off putting up shutters and helping to weatherproof not only our apartment, but our friend, Shannon’s.  Shannon and her husband are living in Africa and obviously not able to take care of their own brand new apartment being so far away, so we embarked on an adventure of installing razor-sharp hurricane shutters! (something neither one of us had ever done before! GIRLPOWER, baby!)  Unknown obstacles and hardware shortages combined to make an hour’s worth of work into an all-day sweat session.  Keeping a positive attitude and staying peaceful is not only a challenge, but a practice with every breath. My roommate and drummer of our band Robin and Eddy and The Secrets came home from work and helped us finish up the rest!  Our film Fest this weekend had to be postponed. Actually, LIFE as usual has been postponed.  And this uncharted

So, now we are officially ‘hunkered’ down at my dad and brother’s law office.  Right now, we still have power and AC… thank goddess!

It is supposed to get bad according to the news, which I have only looked at briefly.  If you get freaked out watching it, it’s best to just turn it off and play dirty Pictionary!

I wanted to share my poem with you all.  I wrote it during our last evacuation 12 years ago.  Leaving my piano, my grandfather’s art work, Jean-Pierre’s artwork, and everything else, not knowing what we might return to, is such a test of faith and Love.

With texts, prayers and Facebook messages from friends and family all over the globe, I feel blessed and protected.  Thank you for continuing those positive prayers.

We have a lovely window view but may be trading it in for a more western interior room as the night presses on!

We still have power at 9pm!   We are rocking and rolling although we’re too tired to play our instruments and sing.

Thank you all for paying attention to your brothers and sisters who are ‘riding the storm out!’

Love and Light,




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