Retrograde! Blue Moon! Re-visiting the past! A Poem for you!

While contemplating the power of this full blue moon, (the second full moon of the month),  with five planets retrograde at this time, I was reminded of the significance of our opportunities to let go of the past.

This doesn’t mean a crash of your internal hard drive, wiping out your entire memory and experience of the past! Rather, the opportunity here is to release any emotional baggage we’ve been dragging with us that no longer serves the life we are designing consciously for ourselves.  This may relate to past relationships that caused us to believe a certain way because of the dynamics of who we and our partners or perpetrators were at that time.  It is a perfect opportunity to finalize the lessons those persons, who I dare to say, were our greatest teachers, (grandest heartbreaks, deepest loves, biggest pains in the asses, etc) have brought into our lives.

The most precious gifts of truly letting go are the freedom of the heart, the restoring of one’s faith, the clarity of purpose,  the gratitude for those lessons, (and for those beings we may have held energetic hostage ‘inadvertantly’ with our expectations and our refusal to forgive and/or release possible grudges and judgements.)

Letting go is not about condoning a person’s horrific acts, or cruel behaviour.  It is about releasing your own pain and stress, victimization and heartbreak, through the final DUMP and acceptance of Reality, as it is.

Moving forward with a lighter load will not only be met with a twinkle in your eye, but a smile from within and a greater sense of ease in the body.

While you look up at the moon, take a deep breath, ground your feet upon the earth and lift your head high as you relax your body and ask that any past burdens and pain be allowed to move out of your mind, body, spirit and emotions.  Remember that the moon represents our emotional nature, so don’t be freaked out if tears come when you exhale and release.  Know that emotion….energy in motion, is better out than stuck within, I always say!  Give thanks for your new lease on life!

We are assisting the entire planet when we do this kind of inner release.  So, have at it, and let me know how it goes for you!

Here is a poem I wrote in 2007 for a similar occasion.  Hope you enjoy!


Copyright, July 4, 2007

By Robin Krasny

A bunch of planets retrograde;

Six of them at least,

Are calling forth the letting go;

Old things to be released.

Relationships and vows once made

Are up for redefining.

Karmic wheels are spinning fast.

There’ll be no mass denying.

All of us on planet Earth

Are going through the change,

Of letting go and healing, now,

As our psyches rearrange,

To accommodate more self-respect.

More aptitude and learning,

A greater sense of Brotherhood,

And the fulfillment of our yearning:

To be one with Love and filled with love,

And know the Truth of who we are;

Rest our minds and heal ourselves

From Fear’s own bitter scar.

Yes, forgive ourselves for what we thought,

And what we thought we knew.

Allowing Peace and Grace and Love 

To do what It can do.  

And lift our hearts and minds, as One,

To a new Reality,

Where rest assured, our hope’s secured,

In our Faith and in our Unity! 


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